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Tickets to museums of military equipment, partizan village, Kubinka tank museum

Driving service, car and petrol

guiding service


If you are interesting in military thematics, its your place. In 60km from Moscow is the best military cluster in the world. You will visit the biggest and the best museum of  military equipment: collection of tanks from the first the world war till nowadays, from 6 countrys (Russia, USA, France, GB, Germany, Jappan),  russian military equipment of different kind of military forces (air force, navy, the army corps of engineers, air defense, tanks ....); Partizan village: you will see how lived and fought russian partizans at the period of the second the world war; visit to the oldest tank museum of Russia in Kubinka (a lot of unusual tanks).

Lunch in Partizan village.

For extra payment its possible to shoot from different types of guns, min 300rub min 5 blank cartridges.



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