Moscow of Ivan the Terrible

Московская область, Москва
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Услуги гида-экскурсовода, входные билеты с экскурсионным обслуживанием в Храм Василия Блаженного, входные билеты в Кремль с экскурсионным обслуживанием и посещением  3 соборов Кремля. Встреча в отеле и проводы в отель после экскурсии на метро.

Services of guide interpreter in English. Entry tickets to St Basil's and the Kremlin including visit to 3 Cathedrals. Meet up and return to your hotel/ accommodation, metro tickets. 


Ivan the Terrible, the first Russian tsar, ruled the country in XVI century. It was long ago, yet in present-day Moscow we can still find landmarks associated with his reign. These are a few of them.

The tour begins near John the Baptist Convent.This convent located in Kitai-gorod was founded by Elena Glinskaya, the mother of Ivan the Terrible, in mid 1500s (the exact date is lost). The main church devoted to beheading of John the Baptist was consecrated on the day when the Great Princess Elena, wife of Basil III, gave birth to the heir of the Russian throne Ivan IV, future Ivan the Terrible.

The old English Court in Varvarka street is the first English embassy opened back in XVI century. In the middle of XVI century English merchants in their attempt to find Northern route to China accidentally got to Russia. Ivan the Terrible (not so Terrible in this particular case) signed trade agreement with England and granted significant privileges to English merchants. 

St Basil’s Cathedral is a famous sacred building built by the order of Ivan the Terrible as his votive church to celebrate a major victory over the nomads from the East, who devastated Russian lands for centuries. The Cathedral of Intercession on the moat is representative of Moscow’s architecture with red brick walls and accumulation of onion-shape cupolas. 8 cupolas according to the number of victories surround the central pillar. The cathedral was completed in 1561.

But why do we know this Cathedral by the name of St Basil? There lived a man in Moscow whose name was Basil, he was a visionary or prophet... 

The Kremlin of Moscow was the stronghold and the royal residence.The three cathedrals located in the heart of Moscow represent the credo of Ivan the Terrible as the first Russian tsar. The Tsar’s place in the Cathedral of Dormition tells us the story how the Monomakh hat got from Byzantine emperors to the tsars of Moscow and became the main crown of the Russian sovereigns. The medieval murals in the Annunciation Cathedral show that the Moscow royal family descended from Old Testament Jesse and his son King David. And Archangel Michael Cathedral witnessed the fall of the dynasty and holds the burial place of Ivan the Terrible and his sons.  Thetour ends in Vozdvizhenka street (btw Pashkov house and the State Library) where the horrible “oprichnina” castle was located – you will learn about domestic policy of Ivan IV and understand the essence of his nickname.

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