Дергунова Алёна Владимировна

Московская область, Москва
Язык: Итальянский, Русский, Английский

Escursioni in italiano 

Guida turistica ed interprete professionale a Mosca offre servizi delle visite guidate ed interpretariato per i gruppi o viaggiatori individuali per la città di Mosca e dintorni (l'accompagnamento nel percorso dell'Anello d'Oro). Laureata in 2002 in linguistica (interprete di inglese ed italiano), in 2007 in economia, dal 2005 sono il membro della Associazione delle Guide e Tour Managers di Mosca, in possesso di tutte le licenze e patenti per poter organizzare delle escursioni. I programmi del tour si compilano secondo i gusti e desideri dei viaggiatori.

Oltre al programma standard possiamo creare un itinerario unico ed originale e visitare i posti che normalmente rimangono fuori del percorso del turista di massa, ma che possono essere di vs. particolare interesse. Posso suggerire un buon ristorante, night club o un albergo, organizzare il trasferimento dall'aeroporto se ne aveste bisogno. Sono positiva, disponibile e competente, mi fa tantissimo piacere di accompagnare gli ospiti della nostra città, raccontare delle sue bellezze e legende misteriose, mostrare i posti insoliti e nascosti dallo sguardo sfuggente del viaggiatore e diffondere il contagioso amore per la più bella ed insolita città del mondo! 

Ci vediamo presto a Mosca!

Excursions in English

I’ve been working as an  English and Italian-speaking tour guide since 2005 in parallel with my activity as a logistics manager and gradually I understood that an activity of a guide has turned to be more than just a hobby and this is something I would like dedicate my life to. This activity offers a lot of possibilities of a personal growth and it’s a constant challenge for self-improvement in order to provide high level of service.

I love my city and have passion for what I do! Whenever you come to Moscow you’ll find it different from what you have seen it before. You can find anything here: from busy business life to calm, winding lanes and charming parks, from beautiful architectural monuments to bizarre modern art, from a mixture of epochs and traditions to the so-called national “Russian spirit”, from fascinating theatres and museums to nonstop night clubs.

It’s quite true to say that once you fall in love with Moscow, this feeling will remain with you forever! Moscow doesn’t leave anybody indifferent and I am here to help you to appreciate its beauty and to feel the rhythm of the heart of Russia.

The programs of the tours are made in accordance with the requests and expectations of the clients. In addition to the standard “must see” itinerary we can create the unique, original program including the places of the city that normally are not visited by the tourists, but that could be of interest to you.

 Having years of experience with different nations, cultures and languages I know what level of service is expected and adjust the program accordingly.

See you soon in Moscow!

Здравствуйте! Я гид-переводчик с итальянским и английским языками, с большим опытом и всеми необходимыми лицензиями. Работаю как с большими группами, так и с индивидуальными туристами. Могу и люблю рассказывать о своем городе нетривиально и интересно. Программы составляются индивидуально в соответствии с пожеланиями клиентов.

Предлагаю услуги по экскурсионному обслуживанию по г. Москве и сопровождение в турах по Золотому Кольцу.

Рада буду видеть вас на своих экскурсиях!

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