Продолжительность: 6 часов


If you are short of time, but you want to see alot of beautiful and historical places, so, THIS tour is FOR YOU! 

During one day you will visit two ancient Russian cities- Suzdal and Vladimir.

We usually start this tour in Suzdal, but also we can start it in Vladimir.

In Vladimir you will see the monument to Prince Vladimir who founded the city which is right on the biggest bank of the river and you will hear about the history of the city.

After that, you will hear about the "pride"  of the city- about the Asumption Cathedral (12cent.)

Since 13.00 till 16.45 it functions as a museum, so you can buy tickets and to enter inside.

Later, you will hear about one more famous church of Vladimir- the St.Dimitrius Cathedral, which is so called " a museum outside", because its walls are richly decorated with 1500 bas- reliefs of the 12 th cent.

Also, we will walk to the Golden Gate which was the triumphal arch and the main entrance leading to Vladimir.

After that we will go to Suzdal or vice versa.

As for the tour in Suzdal, you can find this information higher, in the excursion " Suzdal is an open-air museum"




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