Продолжительность: 3 hours


 Suzdal is an ancient russian town and it is well-known as an open-air museum, because in Suzdal there are no any tall, modern buildings and factories, but ancient churches, monasteries and a lot of picturesque views. Nowadays, Suzdal is the only russian town where the atmosphere of old russia has survived. With the help of Suzdal you will see the way russian cities looked many centuries ago.

You will see the whole town from the view point and you will be able to count the number of domes and spires of local churches and monasteries. Here you will learn about the history of Suzdal and why there are still so many ancient churches in the town and  also you will be able to take pictures.

In Suzdal you will visit the Intercession convent (14 century, active) which played a key role in fates of russian tsars, because it became a place of exile for their sisters, daughters and wives. Also, the convent differs with its poetic, romantic atmosphere from the rest of russian monasteries and convents. Also you will visit the oldest convent of Suzdal- the Convent of the Deposition of the Robe of the Holy Virgin, where you will see the tallest bell-tower of Suzdal and you will learn lots of stories about miracles in the convent. Later, from the neighbour bank of the local river you will see one more monastery-the monastery of st. Eufimius (not active) It is a huge fortress, because in the past it was one of the richest monasteries and it functioned as a prison and you will learn a lot about the most famous prisoners of this monastery.

Later, you will visit the central part of Suzdal- the Market square, where you will see the majority of churches of Suzdal, with domes with unusual shapes. Also you will see the main building of the market square- The Trade Arcade, where local merchants used to deal with their goods. After that, we will go to the earthen ramparts (11 cent.) of the Kremlin-the oldest part of Suzdal and we will be able to walk along the top of the rampart.

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