Kazan Sightseeing tour. The program can be changed according to your preferences. It is a one day program. 

During this journey you will see the historic sights of Kazan. It is Kazan Kremlin where we'll see with you Kol Sherif mosque, the Cathedal of Annunciation, leaning Syuyumbike Tower, governmental buildings. We'll go round Kazan and see  Tugan Avylym ( it is a Tatar village), Kazan Millennium Park, Liberty Square, the Kazan University, the embankment of the Kazanka river, Peter and Paul Cathedral, the miraculous Kazan icon of Theotokas.  You will be delighted with the beauty of the architecture and fascinated by stories which I will have an honour to share with you. The route will stop for a beautiful memorable photographs.  2 p.m. Lunch.  After the lunch I would love to invite you to take  part in the  master -class of cooking chack-check, the most popular and beloved Tatar specialty with the  best chefs. After we'll drink tee with chack-chack. Walking tour in the Old Tatar Settlement, Kaban lake, Tatar drama theater. As optional you can visit Kazan malls, restaurants, theatres, exhibitions, museums etc.

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